Vaccines and People with HIV

Vaccines play an important role in keeping people healthy. They protect you against serious and sometimes deadly diseases.

Vaccines are especially important for people with chronic health conditions like HIV, which can make it harder to fight off vaccine-preventable diseases like pneumococcal disease or the flu. HIV can also make it more likely that you’ll have serious complications from those diseases, which is why getting recommended vaccines is an important part of your overall HIV medical care. HIV invasion of immune cells.

  • HIV invasion of immune cells
  • HIV virology
  • HIV binding and entry
  • Prep science
  • Immune cells
  • Immune response to HIV
  • Global prevalence of HIV
  • Vaccine preparation
  • What are vaccines?
  • Which vaccines are recommended for people with HIV?
  • Are all types of vaccines safe for people living with HIV?
  • Do vaccines cause side effects?

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